A Marketplace for the Self-Starters ! 


SellShip is an idea that rooted from a basic need that was left unmet. Blueprinted after a young entrepreneur, living in his college dorm, unable to find the logistics and means to successfully start his clothing business, decided to create a platform that reduced the barriers of entry for brands much like his own. Brands by entrepreneurs trying to start up and make their mark in conglomerate dominated markets.


The concept for SellShip was created with the aim of giving small businesses and entrepreneurs the means and the resources to help them successfully establish and nurture their brands.


Today, unshaken from its primary mission, SellShip has grown into an online space that fosters healthy marketplace practices, where determined self-starters can create their brand, start an online business and sell products to like-minded individuals through simple, transparent and convenient exchanges. A space where people can find locally-made products that foster small businesses, are sustainably sourced, and fit the unique functional and aesthetic needs of the current generation.


From its humble beginnings as a simple concept, SellShip has transformed itself into a strong and ambitious movement. A movement aimed at fulfilling the needs of millennials that want to create and millennials that want to support these creators.



So what kind of millennial are you? Click here to shop for your favorite products, or download the Sell on SellShip app on the Apple App Store or Google Play and kick start your brand by creating your first store!